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Other attorneys routinely hire Shareef to take their cases to trial.  Shareef Rabaa has a track record of turning “small” cases into large verdicts. Shareef does this by spending time with the client and telling their story, as well as making complex medicine easy for a jury to understand.

Shareef has an aggressive approach to trial, and through this aggressive approach, Shareef has obtained millions of dollars for his clients through settlements and verdicts.  But Shareef can find value in many cases.  For example, when a corporate defendant offered ZERO dollars to settle a case, Shareef was brought onto the case right before trial. After a long and hard fight in trial, Shareef attained a $450,000.00 verdict for his client. The corporate defendant NEVER offered a penny the entire trial.

In today’s hostile climate against trial lawyers and plaintiffs, corporate defendants have become emboldened and will fight fiercely against the rights of those they injured negligently and recklessly. Someone must hold these wrongdoers and rule-breakers accountable for the harms that they do against individuals, families and our communities. Shareef is a trial attorney who is respected and feared for his hard work, advocacy and trial skills

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